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The Principal Foods we Should Avoid
The Principal Foods we Should Avoid


For those who are accustomed to using large amounts of salt, avoiding using it may be difficult to adjust to. We suggest replacing salt with herbs, such as black pepper or other aromatic herbs, which are beneficial to the body. Caution: it is not recommended to cook pepper in food, because it loses its nutrients at high temperatures. Also, for all of our salt needs, we recommend unprocessed sea salt, which is much richer in iodine.



We should never use white sugar, which has been processed with heavy metals. As an alternative we recommend molasses, brown sugar, honey, carob syrup, dried or fresh stevia leaves and agave.



Avoid all red meats. We recommend eating a little fish and organic chicken, and these should be eaten rarely. Basically, the human body has not been created to consume meat. This can be ascertained by comparing humans with other wildlife mammals. For example, the lion, which is a carnivore, has a very small intestine for fast digestion of the meat it eats, and its immediate elimination from the body. The human intestinal system is over 9 metres long, so when we consume meat,

it starts rotting in the intestine very soon, creating serious health problems for the human body. The gorilla is the closest mammal to humans, with 99% of its DNA being the same as humans. This mammal feeds on fresh vegetables, leaves, fruits and nuts. It doesn’t have a problem with osteoporosis and lives about 120 years, usually in adverse conditions.



The consumption of all dairy products - cheese, halloumi, yoghurt, butter and milk - should be reduced as much as possible in our diet. No ammal needs milk after the first 18 months of its life. The exception here for dairy products is the limited consumption of acidic yogurt (with fungi, probiotics), kefir and colostrum. We can obtain the calcium that the human body needs from plants and herbs. A good example of a mammal is the elephant, which is a large animal with very strong bones, but who only feeds on plants. Instead of dairy milk, we can use milk from plants, such as rice milk, hazelnut milk and coconut milk. Here I must stress that unfortunately, the high consumption of coconut milk leads

to the destruction of tropical forests. Personally, my favorite is almond milk.



When flour is baked at high temperatures it is modified and converted into mucus forming food. This means that it turns into a dead form of food without life. Basically, we should avoid processed flour and we should always prefer to use unprocessed flour. It is important to use wholemeal flour that has lots of fibre and which can help with constipation.Remember, 99% of diseases start with constipation



Many times, we think that margarine is very healthy, mainly because of adverts that talk about low cholesterol, vegetable margarine, etc. The reality is that they are made of saturated fats that the body cannot digest. This process - that turns oil into a solid form - is very unhealthy for the human body because we create something that does not exist in nature. These products are called hydrogenated fats or are known as

«trans fats».



Eggs are basically banned by Dr Christopher. However, I do believe that a little consumption of good quality organic eggs helps the body, and especially vegetarians who need Vitamin B12.



Caffeine should be avoided because it increases the heart rate and also converts blood from an alkaline to an acidic state. Caffeine also destroys Vitamin C.



Alcohol is not needed by the human body. The liver has to work very hard to make alcohol a harmless substance to the body. Someone who eats healthy, needs no alcohol at all. You might have heard many times that a shot of zivania is good for lowering cholesterol. It may be right for someone who has a high fat diet. It may help lower his cholesterol, but at the same time it will affect his liver. For sure, it is certainly better to drink plant-derived alcohol, rather than alcohol made from synthetic




This is probably the worst habit ever! Instead of using plants in the correct way, we smoke them, creating addiction and causing serious damage to the body. Here we will also add that electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) and vaporisers are worse, because by smoking them, we inhale harmful synthetic substances.



Soya has been widely incorporated in our diets the last decade. While soybeans were previously unknown as being part of the legume family, they are now recommended as a high standard dietary product. The reality is, as many studies have shown, that soybeans and its products are not suitable for the human body and can cause serious health problems, such as thyroid problems, cancer and many more.


Extract from the "Small Handbook on Herbal Medicine" by George Ellinas. 

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