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We understand that the process of completing your profile and uploading your products can sometimes seem quite complicated, especially when you are not familiar with using such systems. In this case, we can undertake handling these procedures for you by providing the following services:


For your convenience, we can upload your products for you.
You will need to prepare an Excel file (a separate file for each language to be used), with all the information
on your products, such as the names of the products, prices, descriptions and any other necessary information.
Once we have received the Excel file and photos of the products, the below procedures are followed for uploading your products:

  • Checking and processing the Excel file (s)
  • Editing product photos
  • Uploading of products in the system
  • Final check of products in the store


per 50 products

+ €15.00

per extra language
per 50 products


In addition to the Greek language, the HerbsJar website will also be available in English and German. In order for a product to appear in these languages, some of the product information needs to be translated. A product name for example that has not been translated into English will not appear in the list when the visitor selects English.

For your assistance, in collaboration with a translation agency, we can complete the translation of your products, if you are unable to translate them. In this case, HerbsJar does not receive a percentage of the cost of the translations and the costs are exclusively for the translation agency fees.

The translation service is charged per word, as this is the most reliable and objective way of charging. A discount will be given for identical text, which can be established by using specific software.

The translation prices are as follows:

€0.07/ word

Greek to English

€0.08 / word

Greek to German
In addition to the translation, the above prices include proofreading by a separate copyeditor to ensure an error-free result. Prices do NOT include VAT.

Contact us to request our translation service

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